Toilet Repair Tips

The toilet. Easily the best seat in the house. When this porcelain throne isn’t working it becomes a nightmare. Below are so tips to help you when your toilet stops working. Toilets aren’t complicated systems. If these tips don’t work call us. We’ll likely ask you a few questions that could easily fix your problem. If your toilet still doesn’t work, we can arrange a service call.

Common Toilet Problems

  1. Whats that noise! Is your toilet filling up without being used? If this happens periodically its most likely the flapper. This can be confirmed by looking into the bowl and looking for movement as a tiny amount of water trickles into it. If this is a constant your fill valve is no longer working correctly and in both cases water is being wasted!
  2. Oh no water on the floor! The most common reason is the wax ring is no longer sealing the toilet to the plumbing drainage pipe. To confirm this you can look to see if the second most common reason is the culprit. Tank to bowl bolts. These bolts can be seen by looking underneath the back of the toilet, if leaking you will see rusty looking or wet bolt ends.
  3. It’s terrible when a toilet doesn’t flush! If the toilet backs up and begins to overflow it needs to be plunged or augured. If it always drains slow then it either has a blockage inside of the toilet or the toilets water ways are filled with scale due to it’s age and it needs to be replaced. You can check a toilets age by removing the lid from the tank. The date is almost always printed or stamped into the underside of the lid, or sometimes on the inside of the tank.
  4. If the toilet gurgles and bubbles up when nobody is using it. Your main sewer line is most likely backed up. This would be considered a plumbing emergency.

As always toilet repair is our business and we take it seriously. Next time you have a toilet repair question feel free to give us a call. See our page about Toilet Repair.

We’ll add to this post as we encounter toilet problems in the field.

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