Frozen Pipe Burst Virginia Beach

Before the Freeze or Storm

1. Find the water supply valve to the house. You don’t need shut off the water yet.
2. Find the valve shut-off tool & a good flashlight.
(Scrambling to finding your shut off valve and tools after your home is flooding is bad. Just bad.)

How To Avoid Frozen Pipes

1. Drip all faucets. Not just one.
2. Drip outside faucets too.
3. Drain pipes and hoses when you can. (Remember sprinklers, hoses, pools)
4. Check pipes in unheated areas such as basements, attics, crawl spaces, garages. Both the hot and cold water lines should be insulated.
5. Install a “pipe sleeve” or install UL-listed heat tape, heat cable or similar materials on exposed water pipes.
(Newspaper can provide some degree of insulation and protection to exposed pipes – even ¼” of newspaper can provide significant protection in areas that usually do not have frequent or prolonged temperatures below freezing.)
6. Keep garage doors closed
7. Under sinks and cabinets open doors so the warm air can get in contact with exposed pipes.
8. Set the AC Thermostat to a constant (warmer than usual) temperature over night.
9. Make sure when leaving home not to turn off the heat, just lower the thermostat, but not lower than 55 degrees.

Frozen Pipe Don’ts:

1. Don’t use a flame, torch or other dangerous heating sources to try to thaw your frozen pipe.
2. Don’t use Antifreeze (Dangerous to humans, pets, plants, etc.)
3. Don’t turn your heat off. (Set the heat to 55 degrees fahrenheit.)
4. Don’t delay calling us! We take burst pipe calls 24/7.

If Your Pipes Freeze

Okay, you may be in trouble here. The below may help, but keep our number handy.
1. Keep all faucets open
2. Heat frozen area using an electric heating pad on the pipe, an electric hair dryer or towels soaked in hot water.
3. Use a portable space heater, kept away from flammable materials, to warm under the house.
4. Heat until water pressure is restored.
5. If you cannot find the frozen area, if the area is not accessible or if you cannot thaw the pipe, call us.

If Your Pipes Burst

1. Shut off your water supply to the house.
2. Call us immediately: 757-463-2666. If water is leaking call us around the clock. 3am-whatever, Really.

Frozen Pipe Burst Virginia Beach: Bertolino Plumbers is a generational family business. Ron and Tony are 4th Generation Plumbers. If you have frozen pipes and they burst, call us. The office is run by Rob’s wife Eliza Bertolino. If you need a plumber call her at 757-463-2666.

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