Drain Cleaning

Common Drain Questions and Problems

I tried to snake my tub drain and I made a bigger mess. What now?

Sometimes tub drains cannot be cleaned from the Tub.  They have to be cleaned from the branch one after the trap.  

My clean out plug is broken/stripped. How can I fix that?

Most of the type we can cut the drain plug out of the fitting and replace after cleaning the drain.  Normally this can be taken care of with minimal effort. 

I can’t open a bad clog. What should I do?

Call Rob Bertolino Plumbing & Heating. They can take care of you with state of the art equipment.

What chemicals can I safely use to open a clog?

Some chemicals are dangerous for any type of contact to the body.  This includes the odor.   We highly recommended reading the entire safety label of any chemicals you purchase.  We at Rob Bertolino Plumbing & Heating DO NOT recommend acids of any type.  

Plumbing and drain cleaning

Need a drain repaired?

Stopped up sink? Toilet? Kitchen? All of them? Rob Bertolino Plumbing & Heating uses the right equipment for the job. We can unplug that slow shower, or when your whole house backs up we can be there to get things flowing properly. With our highly skilled Technicians you can feel confident that we have the equipment and knowledge to get your drains taken care of. Call us we’ll help it roll down hill.

Virginia Beach Drain Cleaning

We are plumbing company located in the center of Virginia Beach. If you have a clogged or leaking drain and need to fix it. Drain cleaning is a big part of our business. So please call us. Especially if you home is at risk of more water damage. Also, please feel free to call us 24/7, not only do we not mind, we’d be really happy that you called. We don’t charge extra for after hours calls and you will have an estimate prior to our arrival.

We Fix, Replace and Repair Drains in Virginia Beach

We prefer to fix rather than replace drains when repairable.  Sometimes we find that the drainage system is beyond repair, or customer  really want their drain replaced. Like you, we don’t like spending money on stuff like drain cleaning, pipes, drains, floors, etc…we would rather buy fun stuff.

Rob Bertolino

Rob Bertolino

Owner, Master Plumber

Tony Bertolino

Tony Bertolino

Partner, Field Manager, Master Plumber