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Frozen Pipe Burst Virginia Beach

Frozen Pipe Burst Virginia Beach Before the Freeze or Storm 1. Find the water supply valve to the house. You don't need shut off the water yet. 2. Find the valve shut-off tool & a good flashlight. (Scrambling to finding your shut off valve and tools after your home is...

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Commercial Plumbing Norfolk

Tony Bertolino Teaches Commercial Plumbing in Norfolk I teach Commercial Plumbing in Norfolk. Here is how my first day went this fall. “Are you the teacher?” asks student. “Yes I am.” I answer awaiting the inevitable response I hear year after year. “Your way to young...

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Ethical Plumbing

The next time you bring your cell phone into the bathroom and play candy crush remember this… There are more people with cell phones in the world than there are with toilets. Why bring this up? To remind society that plumbing is far more important than hot on the...

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Toilet Repair Tips

Toilet Repair Tips The toilet. Easily the best seat in the house. When this porcelain throne isn’t working it becomes a nightmare. Below are so tips to help you when your toilet stops working. Toilets aren’t complicated systems. If these tips don't work call us. We'll...

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